Credit Card Authorization To Book Your Property

Agriya started its innovative career by establishing their presence through launching several successful products. Be that way, they found the successful industry called a online rental booking industry and released a business friendly product called Burrow, a comprehensive vacation rental software. This exclusive vacation rental booking software consists of indefinite range of features and revenue yielding benefits. Among the several beneficial features, let’s have a look on one of the mandatory feature as follows.

There should be ultimate sophistication is expected for every users while booking a rental host. So by acknowledging this timely demand, Airbnb clone is intellectually integrated with advanced payment channel called credit card payment system. This feature facilitates the travelers to reserve their property using credit card system. So only we have intellectually integrated for assisting the credit card payment system.

In a similar way, Burrow has uncountable range of benefits and features to facilitate the flow of execution as well as to enrich the admin’s functionality. To know more about the effective rental booking software, feel free to contact Agriya and get your queries solved.