Agriya transforms Burrow and add new features

Changes lead to development and improvement. It always helps to climb the ladder of success easily. Agriya always follow the tradition of transforming their products. This time they have transformed Burrow – the best airbnb clone script present in the online world. Let’s see some of the innovative features of this script.

A splendid module to create collections of various properties 

In order to provide the best possible experience with Burrow, Agriya has a dual benefit module. It helps webmasters and the users to create a collection of his properties. These collections will be displayed in the website. By using this module, the webmaster will get huge traffic for each property and the host will get business for his properties.

Various other new features of this script

The following are also some of the new and revolutionary features of this script.
  •          High Performance – Provides a blazing website loading speed
  •          Social marketing – Market your website in various social media websites
  •          Affiliates – Pay for converting advertisements
  •          Google Analytics- Integrate Google analytics in admin panel
  •          Insights- View the stats of your website easily.

Final Word

The above-mention features are some of the new features of this script. Burrow also has various revenue options and other features as well. Stay connected with Agriya to know more about this rental booking script.