Next Generation of Airbnb clone

“Burrow”, an Airbnb Clone Script that covers the full spectrum of brand new and emerging technologies to create a classy website for booking accommodation all over the world.

Airbnb Clone, an unique software for online vacation rental booking, helps to connects the hosters who own space for rental and the travelers who seek for accommodation. This script is originated from the perfect blend of  modern technology and new ideas which not only helps it work independently but also stands distinct from its competitors. This mind - blowing rental booking software is being used by infinite number of clients for its high end features such as extreme performance, reliability and uniqueness.

Airbnb Clone script based website assists the users to search for an accommodation in their preferred location. Keeping an eye on the latest trends, we have developed “Burrow” that beats all other online vacation rental booking software's and helps to book your choose location at your preferred budget.

Agriya's zeal is to help the clients who look to start online business while business helps the bookers to get benefited in the most convenient  way. Without any hassles, bookers can find and reserve the space in the chosen  location.

High Performance for Burrow

This module is found to be a significant as well as an innovative module, helps to improve your site connectivity as well as the loading time compatibility. Using this creative module you can control the website effectively and get an instant response. This module incorporates the following power –packed segments.
Cloud Flare – Gives support to configure the domain to have fast loading of site ingredients.

Google Page Speed- Optimize the resultant site data and CSS elements.

PullCDN- Greatly improves the site content with definite URL formation.

E-mail Delivery – Enables you to configure SMTP for managing E-mails.

Redis – Stores the session info here, so that it can be quickly fetched out of it.

Mem cache- Stores the queries related to the Website operation.

Full page cache – Stores the major webpage of the website for rapid response.

AmazonS3- Session files and data will be stored in the Amazon server directly.

 “Burrow” has emerged in the online industry after a rigorous research about the industry’s scope, advantages and drawbacks. This research has enabled us to exist  in both “funding phase” and development phase. By using “Burrow” you will  reach a remarkable position in the online industry.