Airbnb Clone -Pre Launch Mode

Do you know that many vacation rental websites are just allowing their host to list their properties, but they are not verifying it properly?  Most of the travelers are not getting a trustworthy platform for booking their safe accommodations.

You can easily transform this unsafe situation as an opportunity for your new online business. You can create a smart vacation rental website within 48 hours by using Agriya’s airbnb clone script. 

This script has many comprehensible features in-built to your website. Let’s experience one of the most significant features of this script.

Pre-launch mode

Before launching your website you can easily promote the website, gathering email id information of the genuine users. You can use all the email in the private beta mode to inform your users about the website launch.
It facilitates you to retain those users with the website. This mode also helps you to increase the visibility of your website quickly. 

Final words

There are many useful features in this airbnb clone script which helps you to get more popularity among many users and you can also earn more revenue out of it.