Private Beta Mode Of Burrow - An Exceptional Airbnb Clone

Around 10 million people in the world wish to travel different regions to enjoy their vacations. On the flip side, there are numerous rental accommodations are available all over the world. You can create a website by connecting these 2 parameters. But, it will take long time to launch a website.

Understanding this difficulty, Agriya intelligently created airbnb clone script-Burrow. You can make use of this script to launch your website within a short period. This script integrates many features to your website.

Let us have a look at an important feature which helps to increase the number of users to the website.

Beta version of the website

Pre launch mode of this script helps you to collect a set of genuine users’ email id .Private beta mode of this script uses all that information and send a mail to each and every user about launch date of your website. Your users will view and enjoy the functionality and front-end of your website. They will also share their opinion about your website.

This is a primary feature which your user’s come across for the first time to know about the professionalism of your website. This feature will also create more traffic towards your website.

Overall gist

We offer many important features like this private beta mode. Keep in touch with Agriya to know more about the exciting features and its benefits.