Burrow - Property Verification Fee Feature

property verification

Agriya researched that there is a wide range of necessity for new airbnb clone websites in the online industry. They have also analyzed the needs and demands of both travelers, hosts. Based on the detailed study, they identified that this industry has a great future and came up with an excellent vacation rental script for the entrepreneurs to run a lucrative online business like airbnb.

This airbnb clone script has many exceptional features which can help you in various ways. Let us experience one of the exclusive features of this script.

Properties verification fee

You can set up a dedicated amount of money as a fee for verifying the properties listed in the website. If the properties are verified, it gives the assurance to your users that they will find the safest accommodation while booking from your website. This helps to increase the website trustworthiness among the users.

Final words

There are many such interesting features available for you which help you to earn more money continuously. Get in touch with Agriya to know all the benefits about this vacation rental script.