Starting up a vacation rental business using a ready-made Airbnb clone script

Airbnb clone script

With people willing to travel around the globe as “backpackers”, the need for an affordable stay was becoming more and more imminent. Airbnb, whose founders themselves came out with the concept, when they were struggling to find an affordable place to stay, was able to create the perfect solution, formerly named as Airbnb, a room-letting website allows users to list spare space on the website and rent it out to travelers, or log on and book a night in someone’s house.

Demand for more alternatives

Airbnb created a win-win situation for all those who were involved. Property owners were prompted to rent out the ideal space of their property to generate additional revenues. The travelers find it safe, affordable and reliable option and the web admin is able to make significant income, by overseeing the operations that unfold between the property listers and the travelers. This led to a rise in demand for similar websites that can tap into this lucrative marketspace. Entrepreneurs, and other business ventures were left with two options, to build a website from scratch or to use a ready-made or clone script based on Airbnb and the latter has been always considered the smart move. The complex step in choosing to go for an Airbnb clone is to find the right Airbnb Clone itself. With an ocean of clone scripts available, it's very important to choose the right one, as that clone script is the one, that will determine the lifeline of the website built.

Agriya's Burrow – The Perfect Airbnb Clone

Agriya, the frontrunner in providing excellent IT and web services and creating well-oiled clone scripts was quick to understand the potential of this online room-letting market. They created the perfect clone script – Burrow, that seamlessly mirrored the functionality of Airbnb. Let's analyze what's in it for the users (listers and travelers) and the web host separately.

Users (Property Listers & Travelers)

The listers and the travelers are entitled to a wide array of exemplary features such as property request, currency convertor, multi-language support, property reviews, multiple payment gateways and many more to have a pleasant and uninterrupted operational experience.

Web Admin

Built with the latest technologies available, Burrow – the Airbnb clonescript offers in abundance to the web admin. Multiple core and optional modules, features and plugins are available for the web admin to customize the website to suit the market niche targeted. Integrated Google Analytics, SudoPay, dispute management system, cloudFlare are few examples. Apart from these, the various revenue generation tools that include user registration, property verification, host service, property listing and travel service fees and AD-Banner & AD- Captcha, will ensure that the web host generates a constant stream of revenues as soon as the site is live and functional.

Final words

Burrow was built to be adaptable to multiple business verticals in this highly profitable marketspace. This empowers the admin to explore and expand various other niches such as tourism, learning 7 education, event reservations, food and beverages, transportation, etc. By adapting multiple niches, you are in a position to withstand the fierce competition you will face in the online rental platform.